Data / Analytics Strategies


Strategies to help leverage full value from your design and implementation of an effective Business Intelligence / Analytics / Big Data framework.


June 30, 2020




7 CPE / 0.7 CEU / CISSP / 7 PDU Credits Awarded


Conference location: Online





Data is the lifeblood of every business, but to empower the organization, it needs to be used carefully and strategically. How can IT leverage BI initiatives to become a stronger partner and ally to business units? What pitfalls should be avoided?

What You Will Learn


In this one day conference attendees will learn:

  • Accelerating Transformation & Adapting to the Business
  • Accelerating the Evolution of Data Analytics
  • How to Build a Modern Data Analytics Platform
  • Developing Data Literacy within your Organization
  • The Last Mile: Designing a Presentation Layer that Delivers
  • Make Your Next Data Warehouse Your LastStrategic Roadmap for BI and Analytics
  • Designing Big-Data Platforms for an Enterprise


Conference Price: $0.00 per person


Each attendee will receive a certificate awarding 7 CPE credits for CISSP continuing education, in addition to 0.7 CEUs and 7 PDUs. CISSP is a registered certification mark of (ISC)², Inc.

8:00am – 9:00am: Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00am-10:00am: 2020 Data & Analytics Trends: A Guide for Separating the Value from the Hype


Ashley Pradhan, Managing Data & Analytics Consultant, Aptitive
Rachel Stewart, Senior Consultant, Aptitive


On both the East and West coasts, organizations are often quick to ride (and adopt) the waves of the latest data and analytics trends. Here in the Midwest however, enterprise organizations pride themselves on understanding the true business value and benefit before jumping in.


In this session, Ashley Pradhan and Rachel Stewart will talk through the rising trends in the industry, particularly as it relates to midsize enterprise organizations in the Midwest. We will leverage our experience across industries to identify and discuss the following:

  • What technologies are making an impact, and what technologies have been more hype than value?
  • What is Data Literacy, and how is it becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the industry?
  • Which high-value trends should your organization focus on this year? Which trends are likely to become buzzword fads?
  • Where does AI/ML fit in the average organization, and what are some pragmatic ways to leverage its uses?


Pradhan     Stewart

10:00am -10:30am: Refreshment Break

10:30am-11:30am: Maturing Analytics and AI in a ‘Metrics driven Organization’


Karthik Kandamuri, Enterprise Architecture, Business Technology Solutions, AbbVie


Karthik will share his findings based on his learnings from the past three years at AbbVie.

  1. Big Data Implementation for Analytics – Opportunities / Challenges,
  2. Changed landscape of technologies – On-Prem/Hybrid Cloud,
  3. Challenges and Risks for Analytics and AI in the new environment,
  4. Maturing AI and Maximizing ROI in constantly changing landscape.



11:30am-12:30pm: How to Evolve Your BI and Analytics Architecture  




New technologies are everywhere but your current architecture still holds tremendous value. The key is to determine how new technologies should be implemented in your existing architecture.


In this session, content that will be covered includes:

  • Disruptive trends for BI/Analyics/Big Data
  • What a modern extended architecture looks like
  • How the pieces fit together
  • What your organization can gain in the real world



12:30pm – 1:30pm Luncheon

1:30pm-2:30pm: How to Develop an ROI for Business Intelligence and Analytics Projects




In the technology world, we know that success in analytics is often defined by access to more data with less down-time, and delivering more accurate analytics at faster speeds. However, executives and business users need to understand the costs, benefits, and return on investment (ROI) before making an initial technology investment and hiring supporting staff and resources. They want the benefits of analytics in a language they will understand. A well-understood and clearly defined business case that can show tangible value makes it easier to get business buy-in. In turn, you can transform your analytics team into a trusted business partner and an essential resource in the organization, not just a cost center.



2:30pm – 3:00pm: Refreshment Break

3:00pm-4:00pm: Data Lakes Don’t Have To Be Camp Crystal Lake




The concept of the Data Lake is becoming an ugly word in data architectures, with the term “Data Swamp” often being substituted instead. This session will explore how to use a better design to solve the “Data Swamp” problem and how the Cloud can be an enabler for obtaining more value from a Data Lake.


In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What are the challenges companies are facing delivering a valuable Data Lake?
  • What architecture design approaches can be used to deliver a more valuable Data Lake?
  • How would you implement those architecture design approaches in the cloud?
  • What capabilities should you look for in a PaaS or SaaS offering when building a Data Lake in the cloud?



4:00pm-5:00pm: KPIs, Performance & Execution: Building and Sustaining an Effective Data and Analytics Strategy


Panelists will include BI/Analytics leaders from enterprise organizations


In this panel discussion, attendees will learn from seasoned BI/Analytics leaders as to how they are executing and proving the value of their BI/Analytics strategies.




As is always the case at CAMP IT Conferences events, the talks will not include product presentations.  During the breaks, you will have the opportunity to informally meet representatives from the following sponsoring companies, who have solutions in the area of the conference.